The topos of music 读书笔记 4

p57 posted @ 2015年2月25日 15:17 in Yet another post , 845 阅读

第四章 音乐研究中的模型与试验

"... the paradigm of experimental humanities. Such a perspective is basic to all computational, resp. effective, methods in musicology."

"The case of Galileo Galilei is important for musicology since it is intimately related to a common problem: definition of musical tempo and physical velocity... for historical reasons, he could not yet refer to calculus and define velocity as derivative ds/dt... Galileo’s approach was essentially built upon observation and measurement, it did not rely on abstract speculative reflections."

"So what is a musicological experiment? It must clearly include both, thinking and playing, reflection and action... These requirements are necessary, but not sufficient."

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