The topos of music 读书笔记 3

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第三章 音乐本体论

"It is a common argument of traditional musicologists against cognitive and computational methods... that the very depth and transcendence of music are beyond any analytical and quantitative reasonment...We do not condivide such a credo... cognitive and computational methods are neither restricted to quantification, nor to simple analysis. Rather modern mathematics and logic is an issue of conceptual explicitness..."

" The difficult localization of musical existence is due to three factors: (1) the interweaved usage... in the classical ontological discourse; (2) the tendency of classical musicologists to override topographical complexity...; (3) the genuinely related activities of thinking and playing..."

"... mathematical depth deals with simple significants that are built from complex, viz ramified and recursive signification to connotation and/or metasystem levels. What, then, is the difference to depth in musicology? Strictly speaking, it is pretended encapsulation without the license to access contents."

"Our task cannot be attained without a considerable amount of technical machinery—nihil ex nihilo."

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