The topos of music 读书笔记 5

p57 posted @ 2015年2月25日 15:39 in Yet another post , 887 阅读

第五章 信息的导航

"... knowledge involves two components: information and its mental organization."

"Building concepts then amounts to conceiving this data, organizing the access to information and doing this by use of well-defined access modes... pure information is substantial, but it is uncontrollable without a conceptual form... This is precisely why so-called digital information has nothing to do with knowledge... and why therefore the digital paradigm is completely irrelevant to the yoga of electronic age: Digital substance, reduced to the BIT = {0, 1}... but it cannot per se be responsible for any kind of knowledge... The digital age is not centered around "Bits and Bytes" but around their accessibility and handling, in short: data navigation."

"Definition 2 EncycloSpace is the topological corpus of global human knowledge which evolves dynamically in a virtual space-time, is coupled to human knowledge production in an interactive and ontological way, and allows of unrestricted navigation according to universal orientation within a hypermedially represented concept space."

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